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Protect Your Building and Tenants from Summertime Storms

 July 7, 2021 |  Maintenance, Management |  save money, exterior maintenance, interior maintenance, commercial plumbing

The summer season brings with it warm temperatures, sunshine, and also more intense weather. Damage to commercial properties from severe storms results in billions of dollars in repairs almost each year. While you can’t control the weather, you can control how well prepared your building is to stand up to it.

Keep an eye on things ahead of time.
To really know what you’ll be in for, stay updated on alerts from your local news and national weather services. You’ll have a better idea of when a storm is supposed to reach you so you’ll have ample time to prepare. Check the radar every thirty minutes to one hour to see if things are getting better or worse.

Check that all entrances are secure.
The style of doors you have for your building can play a role in how well they’ll keep out the elements. Revolving or glass doors are more susceptible to shattering from objects flying around, whereas heavier metal doors tend to hold up better. If you don’t have metal doors, take time to reinforce your entrances. Plywood is always a popular choice to protect glass openings. It’s also good to check that every door shuts and locks properly to avoid being caught and swung open by a strong gust.

Look at your drainage situation.
Rushing water around your building can cause a whole host of problems after the clouds have parted. If you know you’re in for a torrential downpour, get your property in shape quickly. Check that all your downspouts are clear of blockages and drain away from the base of your building. Secure any exterior vents and flashings to prevent rainwater from getting inside.

Store away outdoor furniture.
The less objects you have to worry about flying around and crashing into your building, the better. Outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, and even umbrellas can become a danger when caught by high winds. Take the time to secure any loose items so they don’t become a hazard. If you have a storage room, move everything inside to keep it safe.

Ensure you won’t be left in the dark.
A generator is a necessity for any commercial building. While you should be conducting regular maintenance on your electrical system, don’t neglect your generator. If you experience a power outage, your generator can keep things going close to business as usual. Your tenants won’t have to worry about getting fresh water or preparing food. Should something happen to your generator, flood lights are a good backup. They provide ample lighting for people to navigate your building in case evacuation is necessary. Flood lights should be in any hallways or stairways to keep everyone moving.

Stay in contact with your tenants.
The more prepared your tenants are for severe weather, the safer they’ll be. Send out reminders before a storm hits with directions. You’ll also want to clearly mark all exits and shelters and post copies of your building’s emergency plan so they’ll know where to go.

Have your property looked at by a professional.
To really understand how well your building will withstand a storm, have a professional inspector examine it. They’ll look at the major components and provide you with a digital report outlining their findings. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing your building is safe for your tenants with a professional commercial inspection from NPI.

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