Real Estate Investors and Brokers

Real Estate Investors and Brokers



National Property Inspections provides services uniquely tailored to the needs of equity clients. We take the time to understand your business goals and requirements, delivering consistent, highly detailed condition assessments of all types of properties. When you’re making the decision to purchase a commercial property, NPI is a partner you can trust.


We’ve designed NPI’s core suite of services to protect the interests of real estate investors and owners by:

  • Detecting potential problems early in the acquisition process
  • Providing crucial information that investors can use to negotiate their purchase
  • Helping investors plan for necessary maintenance and other expenses
  • Identifying safety issues to help investors
  • Shedding light on opportunities to increase ROI

Our inspectors work on a variety of commercial properties for real estate investors and brokers including office buildings, restaurants, multi-family residences, single-family rental properties and warehouses.

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