Collateral Inspections

Collateral Inspections

Includes Floor Plan Audits, Inventory, Site and Equipment Inspections

At NPI, we understand the need for due diligence during the lending process and beyond. With a collateral inspection, a professional inspector will assess your property periodically to document any needed repairs and ensure the building retains its market value. We can also help you keep track of financed inventory. All of our reports can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Floor Plan Audit or Inventory Inspections
An NPI floor plan audit can provide financial institutions with an accurate accounting of floor-planned inventory. Your NPI inspector can report on the status of inventory, whether in stock, on rent, on demo or sold, and when payment was issued for sold inventory. Floor plan audits can be performed whenever you need them as single inspections or scheduled on an ongoing basis according to your needs.

Site Inspections
For lenders and merchant service providers, a site inspection provides the insight you need into a borrower’s place of business. Before you decide to fund or do business with a company, our professional inspectors can be your eyes and ears locally, compiling information based on your requirements. We provide a detailed report along with photos of the business, verifying legitimacy and protecting your interests. Along with pre-funding site inspections, NPI also offers annual/SBA reviews and delinquency inspections.

Equipment Inspections
For leasing industry professionals, equipment inspections from NPI can document the location and condition of your collateral throughout the term of a lease. We help you mitigate risk and safeguard your interests with serial number verification, photos and detailed inspection reports built to your specifications.