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How to Keep Your Property from Becoming a Wetland

 April 7, 2021 |  Home Management, Property Maintenance |  building renovation, commercial landscaping, exterior maintenance

Trying to control water runoff for your commercial property is not an easy task. Even for smaller buildings, it’s difficult to prevent your drainage system from becoming overwhelmed. As spring and the rainy season approach, here’s what you can do to make sure your property is ready and your tenants aren’t hung out to dry.

Impacts of Runoff
Water runoff on commercial real estate is a major problem for both people and the environment. Rain falls on parking lots, picking up loose dirt and trash, along with leaked substances like oil and coolant. If you have a larger lot, these pollutants can find their way into storm drains and eventually rivers and lakes. With heavy rains, gallons of rushing water from your lot put tremendous strain on sewer systems. Backed up drains lead to flooding and can cover your property in unsanitary water.

Identify the Problems
During or after a heavy rainstorm, assess your property and how it held up. Do you have large puddles in your lot or sidewalks? Does the water properly flow to drains or does it rush? Do you have lots of standing water near the foundation? These are just a few of the issues to look out for. You should also examine the inside of your building for water damage, checking the roof, windows, and foundation. If you have a basement, check every square inch for water intrusion and early signs of mold or deterioration.

Finding a Solution
After your walkthrough, if you’ve noticed that your building took a beating from the weather, it’s time to plan for repairs. Your needs will vary for your unique property, so don’t feel that you have to make every change all at once. Just a few simple upgrades can drastically transform your building.

Clean Gutters
Stagnant water on your roof is a major issue with a relatively easy fix. Regularly cleaning your gutters allows for the water to properly drain and prevents puddles from sitting on your roof and seeping inside. Also make sure that your gutters properly drain away from your building to keep standing water from pooling around the building’s base. A regular professional cleaning and inspection will stop blockages in your gutters and prolong their life.

Rain gardens combine looks and functionality to spruce up your property while protecting against heavy rainfall. These gardens use plants and soil that’s highly permeable to absorb more water into the ground. This helps keep the water from rushing down hills and slopes and eroding the ground around it. Rain gardens can even be placed on roofs to filter water that can be stored and later used in your building.

Repair Your Lot
Potholes and splits in the concrete collect and hold rainfall until the sun dries it up. Fixing your parking lot and sidewalks will allow the water to funnel in a more efficient way. Berms, curb cuts and even speed bumps will slow down rushing water on solid surfaces and direct them towards storm drains. Adding filters onto the drains will help trap any debris that’s been washed off and catch it before it enters into the sewer system. Slowing the water flow and limiting the pollution in it means your local waterways and treatment facilities won’t be as overrun.

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