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How Electronic Delivery Lockers Add Peace of Mind

 November 25, 2020 |  Maintenance, Management |  business tips, real estate trends, save money, safety

Apartment buildings are notorious for having packages stolen or misplaced after they’ve been delivered, which can frustrate both landlords and tenants. Some complexes have a single drop-off location such as a circulation desk, but others have an outside mailbox that’s detached from the building. Even if you have a security system to discourage package bandits, there’s still the chance someone will try to swipe an unattended parcel.

The High Price of Packages
In 2019, almost 40% of online shoppers had their delivery stolen before they could pick it up. The average cost to replace their lost order was over $100, making for an expensive setback. During the holiday season, boxes are especially prone to being snatched up. If your tenants are buying gifts for their friends and family, it’s very likely at least one will go missing.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Smaller lockers are usually designed to store letters and a few boxes of different sizes, but they aren’t always able to hold everything. Larger or oddly shaped boxes are oftentimes left sitting on the ground, making them an easy target. Delivery drivers will also hold onto a package if there isn’t an adequate place for them to leave it. Your tenants are then forced to chase down their items and reschedule deliveries. To avoid extended delivery dates and theft, newer electronic locker systems could be the solution.

Amazon’s Locker System
In 2017, Amazon began to develop a system for orders to be placed in electronic lockers. Since then, there have been over 900 of these units installed across the United States. When someone places an order on Amazon, all they have to do is enter the address of one of these kiosks. They’ll then receive a code that acts as a key to unlock their locker and get their package. Amazon does put some size and weight restrictions on items, but they also give you the option to do returns through their lockers. This gives your tenants peace of mind, and allows them to easily get their packages.

Secure Rooms Provide Further Protection
The one downside with Amazon’s lockers is that they’re only available for certain Amazon purchases. However, there are locker systems for different delivery services. The company Package Concierge has also created electronic locker systems that work for FedEx, UPS and other companies. Along with the simple wall-lined lockers, you can have an entirely secure mail room with cameras to monitor drop-offs and pickups 24/7. As with Amazon, Package Concierge has units in different sizes that can be placed inside or outside, making deliveries even simpler.

Cold Storage Deliveries
Depending on your budget and your tenants’ purchasing habits, a third company has a unique choice. Postal Solutions offers a fridge locker that keeps groceries or medicine packets from spoiling. The fridge itself locks on the inside, and has adjustable shelves for different sized items. While this might be a more luxurious option, it could be one worth looking into down the road.

Weighing the Pros and Cons
An electronic locker system is a heftier investment, running you anywhere between $6,000 and $20,000. Along with a high price tag, finding ample space to install these lockers could be difficult for smaller buildings. If you have to renovate an area to accommodate the lockers, you’ll have to factor that into your overall cost. Despite these drawbacks, there are some considerable benefits. For starters, the delivery process is more streamlined for you and your tenants. You also won’t have to worry about thieves as much with a secure mailroom. Plus, any support issues can be directed towards the locker company, saving you time.

The final decision will come down to your needs and cash flow, but a smart locker system could be the answer for you.

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