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Hotels Striving for a Bounce-Back Year

 July 21, 2021 |  Management, Investment, CRE News |  real estate trends, business tips, building renovation, hotel

The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit in 2020, and it's still recovering from the impacts of travel restrictions. Now, as business starts to pick back up, hotel developers are looking for ways to rebound and boost their profits.

Hotels Curating Experiences
Much like how retailers are offering an all-inclusive experience, hotels are following the same trend. Instead of rows of run-of-the-mill rooms and an indoor pool, hotels are becoming so much more. Improved electronics, more entertainment options, and even cleanliness are all being overhauled by major chains, from Hilton to Marriott. It’s no longer enough to offer exceptional service. Now, creating an unforgettable experience for travelers is the ultimate goal.

Digital Makeover
Tied in with the changes made over the last year, many hotel owners are incorporating technology as much as possible. You can now have your room key downloaded to your phone so you don’t have to carry a physical card around with you. Instead of having a person at the front desk, you may now be greeted by a computer that has your booking information on it. Virtual vending machines, easy-to-use room service apps, and interactive, in-room mirrors can streamline your stay. New, hands-free technology aims to make the client experience more enjoyable and healthier. In many updated hotels, you’re even able to control your room temp and TV through your phone to cut down the amount of surfaces you have to touch.

Adjustable Rooms
Hotel rooms haven’t changed much over time from their cookie-cutter beginnings. The same setup has been used time and time again because of its simplicity. But now offering residents the option to customize their rooms could be the new norm. Moveable furniture lets people design their room to maximize their comfort and relaxation. Flexible spaces also allow for an in-room dining experience. A more modern version of traditional room service, staff can bring in a table and other meal furnishings so guests can eat in style.

Sanitary Surfaces
Antimicrobial surfaces have become more popular as people think more about all the things they touch and how it may impact their health. Along with increased sanitation efforts by hotel staff, incorporating materials that are more germ-resistant limit transmission of bacteria and viruses. Copper alloys are popular because of their germ-fighting ability compared to other metals like silver. However, copper surfaces require extra care, and they’re expensive to produce. Titanium is another good option and is also highly effective at destroying bacteria.

Work and Relax
It’s not uncommon for people that live near larger metros to travel to the city for the workweek and return home for the weekend. Commuters often either rent an apartment or reserve a hotel to return to after work. Now, hotels are creating “aparthotels” that combine the best parts of both setups. You can have a kitchen and laundry room, while also enjoying the convenience of calling room service and relaxing in the pool. Offering more than what you’d get with a traditional apartment or hotel room makes properties like this more attractive to renters.

Model for the Future
There’s no doubt that the hotel industry has to make some major overhauls to recoup from 2020. Record-low travel numbers meant many chains saw huge drops in revenue, and they’re now in need of a way to attract people back. Centering around health and safety goes a long way in making people feel confident in their choice of stay. Combining safety and fun is a great pair to give properties a new look and drum up business. It’s likely we’ll see even more changes as new trends and styles enter the industry.

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