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What To Expect During A Hotel Property Inspection

 December 7, 2022 |  Investment, Inspection, CRE News |  real estate trends, business tips, retail space, hotel, safety

As we are heading into a new year, now may be a good time to start looking forward. New investments could be on the horizon, or perhaps new resolutions to improve on past ventures. In the hospitality industry, a commitment to excellence should always come with a property inspection. Whether through an annual property maintenance inspection or through an insurance underwriting experience, hotel property inspections are the best way to demonstrate responsibility and proactively work for your guests’ best interests.

Insurance underwriting inspections don’t need to be a nerve-wracking experience. Just as with any home maintenance or property inspection, underwriting inspections are meant to provide a clearer picture on the condition of a property so that realistic expectations can be outlined. For commercial property owners unfamiliar with the process, however, it may be useful to break down some of the items and processes that go into a standard hotel property inspection.

When Hotel Property Inspections Are Common
In order to operate a successful and safe hotel business with confidence, a good insurance plan is key. Insurance underwriting inspections are an important step to setting up new coverage, so this should be expected after any new property acquisition, after considerable upgrades or additions to an already covered property, after switching insurance carriers, or after updating any insurance plans.

Commercial property inspections are also vital when it comes to risk management. To proactively create a safe and hospitable environment for guests, regular inspections and maintenance show that hotel owners have taken the necessary steps to satisfy their liability.

The last most common form of hotel property inspection is the maintenance inspection. A hotel maintenance inspection is the only way to build a confident understanding of a property’s condition at the time of an inspection.

What The Inspector Will Do
During a hotel property inspection, the inspector will review and provide a detailed report over a wide array of interior and exterior aspects of a commercial property. This inspection will be visual in nature, falling in line with the standards of practice as outlined by the ASTM, and covering the agreed upon scope of work. With such a large and diverse clientele, hotels are likely to experience increased wear-and-tear compared to other commercial properties. With this commercial property inspection, owners can begin to get an up-to-date picture of a property’s condition.

On the exterior of a hotel property, the inspector will walk the grounds, examining the landscape to identify any potential hazards or anomalies. Grounds that are not properly maintained can result in things like tripping hazards or water drainage issues. With this type of survey, potential anomalies can be identified before any substantial damage or accidents take place.

Hotel interiors can be incredibly unique from property to property, and with that variability, unique specialist consultations may be required. Hotel underwriting inspectors should be able to make recommendations on which systems might review further evaluation. Fire suppression systems, riser rooms, and more complex HVAC systems will be checked for obvious anomalies and for current inspection tags, but for more complete evaluations, other specialists like fire department officials or federal representatives would need to be advised.

In addition, the inspector will also walk the roof, usually from an indoor access point. Special consideration should be put towards weather conditions in a property’s region to set proper expectations on a roof’s predicted lifespan. With such a large quantity of rooms and utilities attached to each unit, an inspector may be enlisted to test each room individually, or a sampling of rooms on each floor, depending on the inspection agreement.

Property inspectors are unbiased professionals, trained to provide an accurate report on the condition of commercial properties. An upcoming hotel property inspection should not cause undue stress, as its purpose is to spread a proper understanding of a property’s condition. With a hotel property inspection in hand, head into the new year with the confidence that you need.

National Property Inspections offers a network of licensed commercial property professionals equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide the best inspection reports in the industry. Find an inspection professional in your area today!

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