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Using Virtual Tours to Market Your Property

 November 4, 2020 |  Commercial Real Estate News, Property Management |  real estate trends, business tips, commercial real estate tenants

Marketing is an essential part of attracting renters or buyers to your commercial property. You can advertise your listing through websites, commercials and also social media. Now with the interactive capabilities of listing sites, more owners are also choosing to incorporate virtual building tours that offer prospective tenants an inside look at the property. Clients are able to easily view your building at their fingertips, without ever having to leave their home.

Ease of Use
With virtual tours, customers can quickly look up a building they’re interested in and see its layout and different amenities. This lets them plan out how they’d like to arrange a room and find the perfect fit for their needs. This is especially helpful when face-to-face interaction isn’t an option. As we’ve seen from the COVID-19 pandemic, distancing guidelines may force building tours to be put on hold. If an event like this happens, online tours can ensure that you’re still able to showcase a property while staying safe.

Don’t Battle with Schedules
A client may need to relocate and find a place quickly, and want a viewing time that you aren’t available for. This puts you at risk of losing a sale if the next open tour date is too far away. The flexibility of allowing the client to view your property online when they want means that you aren’t stuck with only offering tours at certain times.

Upload Photos Consistently
In addition to the building’s overview, you can upload photos so that customers get a better view of specific rooms and floors. This helps eliminate questions they may have on how well maintained your building is, and whether they’re going to get what they pay for. While you can take the photos yourself, investing in a professional photographer with framing and lighting expertise is well worth the initial price tag!

Integrate 3D
Some websites today have a feature that allows you to create 3D walk-throughs of your property. You can compile your photos to give buyers a 360-degree, first-person experience of the building. If you’re using 3D models for your listing, be sure to check that the photos you have are relevant, and update them as needed. Also periodically check that the models are working properly so that you can quickly fix any issues.

Use Videos for Further Marketing
Video tours give you the chance to offer a more personal experience to clients. Think of the frequently asked questions that you’ve received in the past and consider turning them into a script for your video. You can then upload this video to multiple social media platforms to reach a wider audience. They even make great paid ads! Much like investing in a professional photographer, you’ll want to hire a videographer who specializes in real estate.

Offer FaceTime or Zoom
There can still be some general uneasiness for tenants who must purchase or rent a property, sight unseen. To help alleviate this worry, offer tours via video apps like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. While it may not save you as much time as a video or 3D tour would, it establishes an immediate sense of trust between you and your renters.


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