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The Biggest Electrical Red Flags From A Professional Commercial Property Inspector

 April 19, 2023 |  Property Maintenance, Commercial Inspection |  interior-maintenance, commercial electrical

Attracting and retaining top commercial tenants can be difficult. In competitive markets, managers and property owners need to capitalize any way they can to get their locations to stand out. Often, this can mean redesigning and modernizing interior layouts, investing in particular amenities, or maybe even incorporating public art.

While amenities are important, every marketing strategy should start with upkeep. Keeping a commercial building safe and well-maintained is the only way to forge a sterling reputation and instill confidence in key tenants. With this in mind, it’s every good property owner’s job to make sure their electrical systems are secure and safe.

Every commercial property needs consistent attention and diligent observation, otherwise small problems could result in drops in energy efficiency, increased costs, or even electrical fires. To take action today, here are the biggest red flags in commercial electrical systems.

Older buildings or locations that don’t utilize safe, grounded outlets should look to update their systems as quickly as possible. Commercial property inspectors use voltage testers on power outlets as part of a standard building inspection in order to identify any outdated, damaged, or faulty outlets that might present fire hazards.

Wiring can become degraded naturally over time as well. Corrosion, heat, and strain from being bent, twisted, or compacted can all break or expose wiring from their protective outer jacket. Some maintenance problems can bleed over and lead to even more issues. Regular maintenance inspections are key for property owners that want to stay ahead of electrical issues.

A few signs that might suggest that a circuit is becoming overloaded include flickering or dimming lights, concerning noises like crackling or buzzing, and a concentration of heat emanating from an outlet. Call for consultation from a professional electrician if these issues persist!

  1. Outdated power outlets ocan pose a major issue in buildings that are a bit older. As safety standards and technological developments have improved, GFI (or Ground Fault Interruption) outlets have become the preferred outlet for the American workplace. These three-pronged outlets automatically turn off electrical currents when a fault is detected and can be easily reset at the receptacle.
  2. Chewed or damaged wiring is a major problem for many commercial buildings, especially locations that deal with rodent problems. Rats are known to chew on basically anything that they can access. As the animal care specialists over at The Spruce Pets explain, “...rats have some teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives…” which means chewing isn’t just an annoying habit, it’s a medical necessity for them to keep their teeth shaved down to a manageable size.
  3. Poor power management through overloading single outlets or circuits is too common in office buildings and workplaces. While extension cords and power strips can seem convenient, they often lead to too many energy-hungry appliances drawing from the same source.
  4. Incorrect installation practices of major appliances, or even key systems, is not out of the question and can pose extreme fire hazards when unaddressed. Especially after purchasing a new property, owners won’t know the full history of who had been trusted with a building’s electrical systems. Even professionals can make mistakes from time to time!

Commercial property inspectors have the experience and know-how when it comes to identifying hazards related to all of a property’s key systems. Whether buying or selling a commercial property, a full inspection is the only way to gain peace of mind!

NPI inspectors receive the highest quality of training in the industry! Find a property inspector who is backed by over 35 years of quality for your next commercial property inspection today!

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