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4 Ways to Win the Office Leasing Game with Amenities

 October 12, 2022 |  Management, Investment |  business tips, office, real estate trends, commercial real estate tenants

The world has changed quickly in a few short years, and although the newfound flexibility in work spaces has been a boon to workers, office property owners have doubtlessly noticed a difference.

Now, lessors not only have to compete with other office spaces, but they also have to compete with workers’ own homes. According to a Pew research poll, 61 percent of work-from-home employees work at home by choice, rather than due to work space closure. Amenities have always been a major consideration when standing out from the crowd, and in the current CRE landscape, they are more important than ever. But what does the modern worker actually want? What really moves the needle when it comes to securing that dream tenant? Today, we cover the amenities that make a difference in filling your empty office spaces.

1. Social Space
An inherent advantage in office properties is that they provide direct access to fellow co-workers. In that same Pew poll, although 64 percent of teleworkers reported that they found it easier to balance work and personal life, 60 percent felt that they were less connected to co-workers.

Take advantage of this discrepancy by diversifying shared spaces. Aside from conference spaces and other rooms designed for work meetings, workers are craving opportunities to socialize. Outdoor seating and informal areas properly separated from core work spaces will provide co-workers with that opportunity to reconnect and could be that difference in closing a deal. Get creative with ways to show lessees that your space offers a variety of ways for co-workers to work together.

2. Clean Air and Natural Light
While more entrepreneurial investors may be entranced by some of the modern trends in office amenities, a survey conducted by Future Workplace and View shows that air quality and natural lighting are still the highest concerns for office workers.

Things like smart thermostats, thoughtful consideration towards air flow, and proper air filtration all make tenants feel more confident when it comes to health concerns in shared spaces. Meanwhile, investing in floor-to-ceiling glass doors and reorganizing work spaces to maximize natural light provides crucial vitamin D and promotes positive mental health. Together, these amenities are considered near-essential, so if your properties are lacking in these areas, now is the time to consider some adjustments.

3. Somewhere That’s Green
When deadlines are approaching too quickly and work is piling up, office workers need a reliable way to de-stress in a hurry. The best way to accomplish this can be to reconnect with nature. However, in the concrete jungle, access to enriching greenery can be difficult.

Incorporating more green spaces on your property or implementing a roof garden can work wonders to support your tenants’ health. Additionally, living walls are a unique way to stand out from the crowd, bringing the outdoors even closer to the work space. There are many ways to incorporate more greenery into your office spaces, but simply arranging extra seating outside can work wonders to increase your property’s overall draw.

4. Know Your Tenants
Your options for amenities are near limitless, so the most important piece to consider when making a sizable investment is your tenants!

For a health-conscious clientele, it may be worth implementing some form of fitness center or gym in some of your space, or maybe consider a basketball court for something that could get your property to stand out. For tenants that have workers constantly on the go, it might be worth pursuing a complimentary cafe or deli tenant for some ease of access.

There is plenty of room for innovation and creativity when it comes to amenities, but when straying from some of the more universal needs, work on developing a deeper understanding of what makes your property unique.

National Property Inspections understands the unique needs of commercial property owners and their tenants. For the best quality in commercial property inspections, find your local NPI inspector or learn more about what makes NPI the most reliable brand in the industry.

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