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Is Automated Marketing Worthwhile in Commercial Real Estate?

 March 8, 2023 |  Property Management, Property Investment |  business-tips, real estate trends

The world of marketing is only growing, and the demands of these jobs are rapidly expanding by all measurable perspectives. According to the United States Bureau of Labor, advertising, promotions, and marketing manager positions are projected to grow by 10 percent within the next decade. Despite this the majority of marketers in Commercial Real Estate are still either working solo or with only one other marketer. The industry is shifting rapidly, and to keep up with new demands, many marketers are looking to automation in order to compete.

With new technology and tactics, it’s natural to ask whether marketing automation is worth it. To understand why commercial real estate is taking a hard look at marketing automation, let’s see how these new technologies might be the next big game-changer for CRE.

Providing Versatility and Adaptation
It may seem to some that “Automated Marketing” is an ambiguous buzzword - something intimidating and confusing to approach. This is understandable, as the term is broad and refers to a wide array of potential techniques that can be used to bolster your CRE marketing strategy. Automated marketing can be used to build websites, submit repetitive data for listings, manage social media profiles, and that’s just the start of it!

Depending on your current marketing strategy, your team can find a way to automate different tasks to strengthen your ongoing efforts. Any repetitive, tedious task that eats up valuable time can become automated with the right software. Just like any new technology, these softwares are constantly adapting to the needs of the industry. Automated marketing is more developed in other industries in comparison to commercial real estate, but many project that these technologies are only on track to become more prevalent.

According to Gartner, a leading voice in automated marketing, only 18% of brands feel that they are getting the most out of their marketing technology resources. This discrepancy is likely even greater in the field of commercial real estate as its shift to online only since 2020 finally forced the industry to begin adopting these new tactics.

Unlocking Efficiency and Clarity
One strong form of marketing automation for commercial real estate is email marketing. With automation, companies can set up triggered emails set to respond to specific parameters. While manual emails and personal touches are crucial in developing relationships (which lead to conversions), people are limited in how quickly they can respond.

According to WebFX, a leader in digital marketing, 91% of companies that use automated marketing consider these tools to be “very important” to the overall success of their marketing strategies. Automated marketing emails can be sent out much more quickly at greater volumes, and this increased efficiency can lead to higher clickthrough rates, higher open rates, and many more leads.

The wonderful thing about many of these softwares is also their ability to track performance. At a glance, your team can see which campaigns performed well, and which ones missed the mark so that your overall strategy can be fine tuned. Automated marketing could be seen as a tool to take commercial real estate marketing to another level.

Freeing Up Marketers to Innovate
Finally, some might see these new tools as a sign that their jobs are in danger. The statistics can be eye-popping, and if automated marketing makes a considerable portion of a marketer’s job redundant, wouldn’t logic indicate fewer marketers would be needed in the field?

Many industries are much further along with their adoption of automated marketing. The result of this tool tends to be an evolution in duties, rather than an elimination. Automation removes the tedious, repetitive tasks, but creative work is still best accomplished by people. With more time to dedicate towards adapting your strategies in competitive markets, your strategies should see better results. Though time will ultimately be the judge on how well automated marketing does in the commercial real estate sphere, all signs point towards it being a great accelerating tool.

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