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How to Save Money on Your Commercial Property’s Water Bill

 July 14, 2021 |  Maintenance, Management |  commercial plumbing, exterior maintenance, interior maintenance, save money

It can be difficult to balance your commercial property’s expenses. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself struggling to turn a profit on your investment. Water usage is one of the most expensive bills that property managers have to deal with, averaging millions of gallons used each year.

Meter Your Irrigation
With any commercial property, curbside appeal can help you land and retain tenants. A lush, green lawn with blossoming plants will draw people in, but it could be costing you on the backend. An irrigation system that isn’t separate from your normal water meter is like doubling up on costs. Your municipal company most likely can’t differentiate between water in or out, and they’ll charge you for the total. A separate metering system keeps this mistake from happening and will let you track your usage more accurately to budget accordingly.

Low Maintenance Plants and Reusing Water
Going green is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your property and the environment. Water conservation is an easy way that you can meet your water usage reduction goals. When planning out your landscaping needs, look for low maintenance plants. Plants best suited for your climate will be able to use water more efficiently, so you don’t need to tend to them as often. Installing a system to trap and reuse rainwater is also a great cost-effective method! Especially during the hot summer months, having rainwater stocked up will keep your plants healthy and your utility costs low.

Fix Leaky Pipes and Faucets
A few leaky pipes throughout your building can add up in terms of wasted water. There’s lots of maintenance you need to do for your property, and missing something could hurt your bottomline. To be sure you don’t drop the ball on maintenance, hire out to a company. They’ll regularly go through and test your systems to ensure they’re all working properly. Make repairs as needed to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Don’t Let Money Go Down the Drain
Bathrooms can also waste gallons and gallons of water yearly. A stuck toilet or running faucet can create an expensive headache that you have to deal with. Touchless fixtures are one way you can limit these issues. It’ll take a bigger budget to fully renovate your bathrooms, but it’s worth it. You won’t have to worry as much about people leaving a toilet or faucet running and causing problems. Not to mention, hands-free sinks and toilets tend to be more sanitary. Low-flow models will also decrease how much water is going unused in your building.

Know What You Need
Understanding your building’s water needs is important in saving money. A system too big or too small will impact how well it operates. Assess your commercial water needs to avert common plumbing problems.

Extra Steps
To further your efficiency efforts, get a water audit for your property. During a water audit, a professional will come in and see what can be done. Getting a trained eye to look at things will help you implement the right measures.

By using these few simple tricks, you can greatly reduce your building’s water consumption!

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