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How to Choose a Commercial Landscaper

 May 26, 2021 |  Maintenance, Management |  exterior maintenance, commercial landscaping, building renovation

The summer months of May through August tend to be the most active for people to sign or renew their leases. A fresh landscape around your building can be attractive to potential renters, but depending on the size of your property and your schedule, you probably can’t do all the necessary work by yourself. Hiring a commercial landscaper could be the solution you need! As you go through the hiring process, here are a few questions to keep in mind.

What are your landscaping needs?
Starting off, you first need to assess your property’s maintenance needs with some quick questions. How large is your property? Do you have any plants that need special attention? What are some common problems you or your tenants have noticed? What look do you want to achieve? How often would you want maintenance done? With a list like this, you’ll be able to form a good beginning point to find a company that’s the right fit.

Is the individual’s business affiliated with a national organization?
While membership or affiliation with a national trade organization doesn’t automatically guarantee quality, it’s a vote of confidence right out of the gate. Most companies will have had to meet certain requirements to belong to an organization, so you’re likely looking at a qualified, experienced company. You might also research how long they’ve been affiliated and how long they’ve been in business.

Do they use subcontractors for commercial work?
You always want to work face to face with a company to avoid confusion and delays. If a landscaping company uses subcontractors for commercial work, you’re automatically dealing with two buffers and risking communication breakdown. Look for a company that you can talk to directly with questions and concerns.

How do they break down your billing?
As with any services rendered, hidden fees and charges can abound on your commercial landscaping bill. Find out how the company handles and resolves bills, and keep an eye out for ways they may try to tack on extra charges. You can also ask about any specials that they offer with their services such as return customer discounts. See if you can customize your plan so that it fits your needs and you won’t end up overpaying for services you don’t use.

What do other customers have to say?
A quick way to check any company’s track record is to simply look at their reviews. You can see what common complaints customers are having and how the business deals with them. Doing this research gives you a good bearing on what working with them would be like. If they address each concern professionally, it can help ease any worries that you have. But on the other hand, seeing them disregard clients is a major red flag and you should continue looking.

What does their safety record look like?
Safety for tenants, guests, staff, and other visitors to your commercial property should be your first concern. Inquire after the person’s track record for safety. What are their policies? Are they fully licensed, bonded, and insured? Knowing how they conduct their business early on will help you avoid problems later down the road, and you’ll know what to do if you should ever encounter a problem.

How do they treat you as a customer?
As you go through the vetting process, you’ll be in constant contact with businesses either virtually or in person. While you’re talking with them, take note of how they treat you and value your time. Similar to reading their online reviews, you’ll get a better understanding of the company’s morals and ethics. Again if anything seems worrisome to you, don’t be afraid to step away.

Both your building’s interior and exterior should be in top condition for your tenants’ safety and well-being. To ensure that your property is up-to-date, schedule an inspection with your local NPI professional.

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