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Caring for the Paint of Your Commercial Property

 July 7, 2022 |  Maintenance |  exterior maintenance, interior maintenance, cleaning, building renovation

Whether you’re leasing, selling, or renting a commercial property, it’s essential to know proper upkeep techniques for the paint on both your interior and exterior walls. The painting of your property is not just important to the aesthetics of your commercial space, but for the overall improvement of the physical condition of your business front. While curb appeal is an important selling point, interior walls are just as significant.

While the underlying reasons to care for the paint on the inside and outside of your development are parallel, the process of doing so differs vastly in technique. This is due to the difference of daily environmental hazards each surface faces. However, for both indoor and outdoor spaces the process of house washing is a must.

House washing is a term that refers to the maintenance of the painted structures of your home and commercial properties. This technique can be implemented on various materials and paint types. House washing protects the outer barrier of buildings from attracting unwanted erosion, rust, and debris. On inside surfaces, house washing acts as a protectant of high gloss paints, preserving the integrity of the wood while upholding the overall appearance of the paint.

Although inside, the painted walls of your interior spaces require just as much care as your outdoor ones. Daily exposures many don’t consider when it comes to appropriately treating their indoor structures are the results of condensation build-up and humidity, dust, mold, and the occasional child’s drawing. The best way to prevent and treat these items is by using a gentle multi-purpose cleaner to clear away any present dirt or debris. To better clean corners where cobwebs and dust gather, it’s recommended to use the hose of your vacuum cleaner to reach these tough spaces for cleaning.

If you need to remove any type of graffiti or drawings from your inner walls, it’s best to use a cleaner specifically geared towards the removal of crayon, markers, and spray paint. If you don’t use a cleaning product made solely for the purpose of eliminating these materials, it’s possible for the incorrect cleaner to eat through your paint, leaving an unwanted hole, which, depending on size, may require repainting of the entire wall.

Another common issue presented by usage of improper cleaning solutions is the problem of smudging. Smudging is not only caused from using the incorrect cleaning solutions; it’s also caused by the tools and methods used for spot and dirt removal. When presented with unwanted marks on your inner walls, it’s key to use a sponge or soft-bristled brush to blot at the area instead of using a circular or back and forth motion for spot eradication.

As previously mentioned, the process of house washing is also applicable to your outdoor surfaces. According to the popular paint company Sherwin-Williams, to clean the outside walls of your commercial spaces, the most effective and efficient technique is to utilize a power washer. Since the materials and paint used on the outside of most commercial structures are more heavy duty than those used on interior spaces, they can withstand the high pressure of a power washer without causing damage. Although using a power washer is simple, it is imperative to be safe when applying one to windows and all other glass surfaces. Therefore, practicing with the power washer before turning it up to full capacity towards the direction of your commercial property (especially on glass surfaces) is a good prerequisite to have in place prior to any usage of the machine.

Another benefit of house washing your surfaces outdoors is that doing so can help prevent your paint from chalking or powdering. Chalking occurs when mildew and seasonal debris (i.e., salt from winter snow removal, film produced on surfaces as the byproduct of pollution in the rain, etc.…) build up. While the chalking of your outdoor walls is normal to an extent due to natural weathering, excessive powdering can create erosion issues and can fade the overall appearance of the paint by diminishing its quality over time. House washing can also prevent wood decay caused by the presence of mildew, as power washing your outside façade will rid the surface of particles that eat away at the exterior of wooden materials present.

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