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Benefits of Commercial Management Software

 March 17, 2021 |  Maintenance, Management |  business tips, save money, multi-family property, retail space, office space

There are lots of moving parts to keep track of while managing a commercial property, whether it’s a multi-family unit, an office building, or a shopping center. You’re responsible for not only maintaining the property and overseeing your tenants, but also keeping track of important documents. Yet if you’re in charge of multiple properties, it can be difficult to keep everything straight.

Above all of the technical advantages of management software, the biggest benefit is that it streamlines and simplifies your everyday processes. Each software will vary in the features they offer, but they also have their own benefits. One of the main benefits is you can easily store and sort through different documents instead of dealing with the hassle of stuffing them into a filing cabinet. If you’re in charge of separate properties in different locations, you’ll be able to access them right at your fingertips. Not only can you save money by utilizing a CRE management software, you’ll also save yourself time and strain.

Just as important as simplicity, CRE software provides you with additional security. A crash or malfunction with your computer could be devastating, and losing an important paper is costly as well. Uploading your documents to a management software will keep them securely backed up. Most software applications upload to a cloud to encrypt files and further protect them, almost always requiring a password for access. This will protect your tenants’ private information from a possible security breach.

Quick Payment Collections
Making sure that all of your tenants pay on time and in full is no small feat. It’s time-consuming to track down and remind everyone to pay their bills for a property of any size. Enrolling in a management software takes care of both of these issues. You’re able to set up automatic reminders to send to your tenants so that they can prepare for the next payment cycle. You can also have them enroll in automatic withdrawals to speed up the process. This means no more waiting for mail-in rent or late check drop-offs.

Easier Communication
Maintaining an open line of communication between yourself and your tenants is essential to running a productive administrative office. Tenants want to make sure that their concerns are being heard and addressed by management. Not being able to get ahold of anyone can make them feel frustrated and cause them to move on once their lease is up. A management software lets you communicate with them in a timely and effective manner. Tenants can easily submit things like maintenance problems, complaints, or general questions, and receive a quick response.

Know Your Building Better
Last but definitely not least, the right CRE software gives you the inside scoop on what’s happening with your property. You can locate problem areas in your building by the number of requests filed on it. Seeing information such as leasing lengths and the amount of leases filed lets you adjust pricing to draw more tenants. You can also monitor your building’s energy consumption, which is perfect for working to reduce your carbon footprint. The different analytics you can collect with software help you get the most value for your property.

Get an Inspection for More Information
Combine the knowledge you get from your CRE software with a commercial property inspection for added awareness and future planning. Find your local NPI inspector, and schedule an inspection today!

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