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Why Commercial Property Inspectors Perform the Best Luxury Home Inspections

 July 12, 2023 |  Property Maintenance, Commercial Inspection |  commercial HVAC, commercial plumbing, commercial electrical, commercial-landscaping, multi-location inspection, special purpose facility, safety

Moving into a new home is an exciting moment, but handling the logistics of each step can be a handful. When moving into a luxury home, it’s important to order a comprehensive home inspection for every purchase, but finding a professional equipped to do the job isn’t always so simple. If you’re struggling to find the right professional to perform a luxury home inspection, opting for someone with a background in commercial property inspections should be a top requirement.

Luxury home inspections may have more in common with a commercial inspection than a standard home inspection due to a number of factors, including the property’s size, unique systems, and amenities, which are often modeled after commercial locations. To dive more into why commercial inspectors should be your go-to contact, let’s discuss a bit more about the process of a luxury home inspection.

Why is it Important to Get a Luxury Home Inspection?
Every homebuyer, whether they are purchasing a new or historic home, should always order a home inspection before closing. Homes experience a natural wear and tear over time that owners tend to ignore or overlook until these problems lead to major expenses or even safety hazards. On top of these unnecessary additional expenses, homeowners may have to deal with living without essential home systems for an extended period of time if a significant breakdown occurs (plumbing issues leading to a lack of water, HVAC systems failing, and electrical power outages just to name a few).

In particular, it’s important to note that new homes are not immune to defects. Oftentimes, inspectors find more issues in new homes that are easily resolved than any other type of property due to builders missing a final step or overlooking a minor procedure. Catching these issues before moving in allows homeowners to avoid the growing pains that can come with breaking in a new home.

Due to a luxury home’s size and complexity, an annual home maintenance inspection will ensure the appropriate functionality of the property’s many systems throughout its intended lifespan. Home inspections are the key to a comfortable and worry-free experience for families, so that their time isn’t taken up by sudden unexpected maintenance concerns.

How are Luxury Home Inspections Similar to Commercial Property Inspections?
A luxury home inspection is a bit niche in comparison to a standard home inspection due to the smaller volume of these types of jobs in any area. Home inspectors naturally tend to specialize in certain types of homes or in particular unique services in order to satisfy the needs of homeowners in their area. Because of these facts, luxury home buyers are likely to discover that their choices are limited when the time comes to select an inspector. Plus, if an experienced luxury home inspector in an area retires, home buyers may have to opt for a residential inspector who is inexperienced with their type of home.

To expand on these options and to feel more confident in choosing a luxury home inspector, home buyers should look to commercial property inspectors to perform their buyer’s inspection due to the many commonalities luxury homes share with commercial properties. For starters, luxury home inspections tend to be a much bigger job than the average home home inspection. Luxury homes have larger square footage, additional floors, and expansive landscape features that can all feel intimidating for inspectors only experienced in the residential sector.

Commercial inspectors, however, will have a background working on much larger facilities such as hotels, retail properties, multi-family properties, banks, or office buildings. Commercial buildings also require more robust electrical systems, HVAC units, and commercial-grade kitchen appliances. Commercial property inspectors will have a background with systems that pack a bit more of a punch than the standard residential inspector - similar systems to what are required to keep a luxury home functioning.

Additionally, who better to inspect unique features like a home theater, spa, or wine cellar than a commercial inspector who has done the same job for businesses? It’s been said that every commercial inspection job is unique and requires some flexibility due to its distinctive architectural styles, high-end materials, and at times obscure demands. For these reasons, inspectors with this type of background will have more flexibility and comfort to tackle a luxury home inspection.

How to Identify a Quality Luxury Home Inspector
Quality luxury home inspectors will ideally be multi-inspector businesses, have an extensive background in commercial property inspections, and/or have access to other inspector partnerships to check each other’s work and cut down on the time sink to complete the job. Even high quality residential inspectors might not have an appropriate background to handle the scope and scale of a luxury home inspection.

Luxury home buyers can also cause unneeded distraction for inspectors that don’t have previous experience working with industry leaders, politicians, business executives, or even celebrities or athletes. Professionalism, experience, and support are all qualities to look for in a quality luxury home inspector. While some markets may require buyers to identify professionals that operate somewhat outside of their comfort zone, these guidelines should provide some better direction for a better purchasing experience!

Did you know that NPI’s national network of professional inspectors emphasizes commercial work along with residential? Let us know how we can help you coordinate your next property inspection with ease. NPI inspectors also offer many add-on services that can benefit luxury homes such as drone inspections, sewer scopes, infrared, radon, and mold inspections. National Property Inspections is your property inspection one-stop shop!

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