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Underestimated Investments in Commercial Real Estate

 January 4, 2023 |  Management, Investment |  business tips, commercial real estate tenants, office space, retail space, hotel

Anyone who has spent some time in the commercial real estate sphere will know that the key to sustained longevity comes from one simple word: diversification. While specializing in a niche can help investors and property owners develop unique knowledge, an unfriendly season in their selected industry can prove disastrous.

In turbulent economic times, the importance of diversification becomes all the more important. However, overly risky investments and haphazard experimentation might not sound the most enticing at the moment. For some comparatively lower risk investments, consider these underestimated investments to increase your ROI.

Use The Space You Already Have
If you haven’t invested in ATMs or vending machines already, now might be a good time to look into it. With such a small space demand and the convenience potential for your tenants, these amenities sound like a positive addition to properties before even considering the modest monetary returns.

With leasing or purchasing options available, property owners can take the most advantage out of these investments in areas with considerable foot traffic. For vending machines, while cash-only receivers are cheaper, models with card readers are much more accessible today. Again, while the returns are minimal, these additions have the opportunity to more than pay for themselves.

Don’t Become A Dead Zone
Cell phones have become universal in the modern age, and a sure way to create a frustrated tenant is to lease a property with spotty coverage. Contact cell tower suppliers to get an idea of what sort of demand there is in your area to potentially work towards either a freestanding or rooftop installation.

Over time, the growing familiarity with cell towers has greatly reduced the perceived “eyesore” they may have brought in the past. If your property has the room, these towers can result in a considerable kick-back and a positive impact on your resale value.

Invest In Land Development
One investment sphere that is too frequently overlooked is that of undeveloped land. The benefits of this sort of investment are aplenty, from the lack of maintenance demands commercial properties need to the flexibility raw land provides.

Investors could partner with a farmer to develop the land, or consider going through the rezoning process and installing water and sewage lines for future development. Simply laying the groundwork for future development can be a relatively simple way to get a return from other investors that see potential in the area.

Another strategy that you can employ with land investment is to buy and wait. Depending on the area, competition for raw land can be scarce, and savvy investors could purchase land at a discount, only to resell it or wait for it to appreciate. The flexibility that this sort of investment allows is nearly endless, and with a bit of creativity, a considerable return on investment should follow.

To keep up on the latest commercial real estate trends or to check in for new investment strategies, we publish new articles every week.

For whatever your property, stick with National Property Inspections for all your commercial inspection needs. Schedule your next appointment with an expert in your area today!

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