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NPI's Nationwide Inspection Network: Saving You Time and Money in 2020

 August 12, 2020 |  Commercial Inspection, CRE News, Investment, Maintenance, Management |  multi-location inspection, NPI National Accounts, office space, retail space

Coordinating home and commercial property inspections across multiple locations can quickly become expensive and logistically challenging. Even before the global pandemic, sending your employees to job sites across the country was a hassle—now, it’s a liability. Hiring different inspection companies across the country inevitably produces inconsistent reports that make the documentation process that much more difficult. How can you find a reliable network of inspectors and coordinate custom services tailored to you?

Reliable Third-Party Inspections for Nationwide Properties
At National Property Inspections, our National Accounts office in Omaha, Nebraska, acts as a central point of contact for brokers, lenders, investors and other types of clients, many requiring multiple home or commercial inspections in different locations across the country. For example, if a national retail chain is acquired by another company, a building inspection may be a necessary part of the acquisition process. That’s where the NPI National Accounts office comes in.

One-Stop Convenience
For more than 30 years, NPI’s centralized coordination service has handled scheduling and completing inspection services for large clients, many with household names. Our coordinators assess each client’s commercial inspection needs, offer quotes and schedule your inspection with a local NPI inspector. Inspections are completed in a timely manner, and from there, our coordinators check each report carefully, send them to clients and handle payment details. Our clients enjoy easy transactions, consistent report quality and far more accurate record-keeping. Our inspectors’ boots-on-the-ground insight allows you to make informed, confident decisions about any property.

We Vet Inspectors
Finding and vetting a great inspector can be a challenge when you’re not local to the area. Our NPI inspectors receive more than 120 hours of hands-on training here at our Omaha headquarters. In addition, they complete all individual state licensing requirements and are required to carry E&O and General Liability insurance. Any out-of-network inspectors are also extensively vetted by our National Accounts staff and held to the same professional standards as in-network inspectors.

Contactless Commercial Inspections, No Travel Necessary
With the NPI National Accounts office, there’s no need to spend time or money on airfare, lodging or per diems during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our inspectors are local to the properties they inspect, and mileage costs are typically minimal.

As social distancing continues to be a concern, we also offer contactless inspections for those clients local to a property. We’re always happy to walk you through your report via phone or video conference should you have any questions.


NPI Can Inspect Your Properties Today
National Property Inspections is the partner you can rely on for all of your company’s inspection needs. Schedule a consultation with our inspection coordinators to see how NPI can assist you.

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