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How to Use Landscaping To Increase Your Curb Appeal

 March 1, 2023 |  Property Management, Property Maintenance |  exterior maintenance, commercial landscaping

Everyone is familiar with the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While this is a valuable principle in life, clients and customers generally don’t apply this sentiment when deciding where they spend their money. Very often, businesses are selected solely based on their location and look of their exterior. Especially in highly-trafficked areas, property owners that have taken good care of their buildings and developed eye-catching landscapes see much more attention than property owners that have been neglectful.

A building’s landscape is often one of the first opportunities to make an inviting impression with potential clients. Well-maintained grass and carefully-selected greenery reflect businesses and property owners who care about their work. Clients and customers will expect this attention to detail to cross over into all facets of their business. So, to set your commercial businesses up for success (and to attract quality tenants or clients), here are a few ways that you can upgrade your property’s landscaping.

Landscape To Stand Out
More than just keeping your property looking clean and looked after, strategic landscaping can be used to attract clients. Whether you take advantage of a professional landscaping company or plan out your designs yourself, landscaping is a great opportunity to practice some creativity. The best landscaping designs for commercial properties should be both welcoming and professional. Overly complex plans can become too gaudy and ultimately distract from the purpose of your business.

For a strong landscaping plan, consider incorporating extra color into your design. Bright colors are shown to attract the eye, and floral arrangements are natural ways to incorporate these impactful colors in ways that aren’t jarring or out of place. Entrances should always be distinct, creating a natural and inviting flow for clients to follow. Things like fountains, art installations, or murals can also all be strong additions. Just make sure that your greenery doesn’t end up covering your building or creating confusion. Your business signage, if applicable, should always be clear from common viewable angles.

Reinforce Your Company Brands
The landscape surrounding your building is a great opportunity to reinforce whatever identity your branding is going for. Whether your tenants veer towards sleek sophistication or blue collar relatability, any style can be strengthened with strategic landscaping.

Consider creating an outdoor sitting area where clients and customers can congregate on your property. Simple wooden benches can create a rustic appeal, while metal or stone can convey a modernist impression. Additionally, property owners can start with something simple like selecting flowers that correspond with brand colors. Options here really are endless and most can be implemented at reasonable costs.

Landscape To Show You Care
Ambitious layouts are effective in drawing in clients and key tenants, but when these designs fall into disrepair they can have the opposite effect. Depending on the size of your property and the nature of your landscaping, a professional commercial landscaping service may be the best option for long-term maintenance.

For property owners that personally monitor upkeep, be sure to regularly walk the property grounds and search for safety hazards. Issues like sinkholes or broken pavement can endanger clients and tenants—address these potential dangers first! Small damages can occur at any time, especially depending on region-specific weather conditions. Regular supervision and examination is crucial for keeping a commercial property’s landscape in tip-top shape, so be sure to do the little things like removing litter quickly and keeping plants properly watered.

A beautiful landscape can elevate a commercial property above its peers, and it could be the answer to success in competitive markets. Take the opportunity today to reevaluate how your property presents itself to the world!

Did you know that small issues on commercial properties can lead to larger (and more expensive) problems down the road? Stay on top of your property’s maintenance with a commercial property inspection -contact National Property Inspections today to schedule your next checkup!

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