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Christmas Decorating Tips for Commercial Properties

 November 30, 2022 |  Management |  just for fun, business tips, commercial real estate tenants

With seasonal changes coming quick, it is not too late to start transforming your commercial property to reflect the festivities. Whether you have a multi-family property, an office building, or another type of commercial property, there are many benefits that come with investing in seasonal decorations. For this season, here are some quick tips on how to make your commercial properties the talk of the town!

Establish a Budget
Not every holiday decor project needs to be overly elaborate, but even plans that are intended to start small can grow quicker than expected. Start by setting a reasonable boundary for your decoration budget, and consider cost-saving opportunities like partnering with companies that offer business-specific discounts.

In addition, remember to consider both your indoor target spaces, as well as your outdoor and exterior spaces. When building a cohesive plan, it can be easy to plan a budget for just one of these spaces while leaving the other forgotten. To ensure that you have a reasonable budget carved out, employing a professional decorating company is, of course, the best way to reduce budget surprises.

While partnering with a professional company, you can usually set a specific budget limit at the beginning of the planning phase so that you don’t have to worry about exceeding expected limitations. Although hiring decoration specialists can add to your overall costs, the added ease and efficiency that they will bring into the process should justify their premiums.

Evaluate Your Space
Once you’ve established your budget range, the planning phase is well underway. Outline which areas are “in play” for decorations and which ones are off limits. Of course, you want your tenants to enjoy the new decorations, but you should take special care not to disrupt regular foot traffic too much. These seasonal decorations should enhance your property’s character while not becoming a frustrating distraction.

A particularly sizable concern is always the tree. Devoting enough space to your tree can be a struggle, and your options will probably be limited based on what is possible. However, consider utilizing the tree as a new focus point in your allotted space. Some temporary rearrangement of other furniture can allow for creative ways to allow a new focus point in your lobby or gathering space.

Outside of just Christmas lights, there are a wide range of options that you should consider for your property’s exterior. One fun and effective idea has been using Christmas lights to line walking paths. Just as with interior settings, determine where your exterior allows for decoration opportunities to attract positive attention.

Pick a Theme
After you’ve defined your budget and identified the available space, finally some creative choices come into play. When selecting a theme for your commercial property’s decorations, a cohesive theme is key. The best commercial decorations have a throughline that shows the associated business or property owners think things through, they are professional, and they are high quality.

Some themes are more traditional, hearkening back to the nostalgic mood underpinning the Christmas season. These themes might include a heavy usage of greens and reds, poinsettia flowers, or bright red bows. Alternatively, a more recent trend that has gained popularity is incorporating either silver and gold colors (which transition well into New Year’s celebrations), or incorporating blue with silver.

Another strong choice is to incorporate company logos and colors into the overall decorative design, maybe marrying this with seasonal greenery choices. In addition, though it can be fun to invest fully into gift boxes, reindeer, and candy canes, a more neutral “winter” theme neutral to specific holidays can better fit your client or tenant interests.

Remember, decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be an extravagant endeavor. Even simple additions acknowledging the festive season can go a long way towards making an impact with your tenants. Though you can implement your plans on your own, consider hiring help as needed. Hanging Christmas lights and setting up Christmas trees both present hazards perhaps better accomplished by professionals. In whichever manner fits your needs, use these tips to drive business, and spread the holiday spirit among your tenants. No matter your plans, we wish you the best of luck, and happy holidays!

To make sure your properties are safe for the holidays, schedule your next maintenance inspection with NPI!

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